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Our goal is to work collaboratively with your team to satisfy the extraordinary demand for trusted, accessible and affordable, estate planning services.  Together, we can achieve extraordinary results by passionately and honestly guiding members towards realizing their financial objectives. We are committed to delivering added value to your members by introducing an innovative program to your repertoire of financial solutions.

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Affinity Trusts is proud to offer:

▪️ Complimentary, educational estate planning seminars and consultations with Estate Planning Representatives for Credit Union members and employees at Branch locations;
▪️ Community outreach and marketing support to promote educational seminars and aid in new member acquisition efforts;
▪️ Special Credit Union member pricing for Revocable Living Trusts and other essential estate planning documents, prepared by leading Estate Planning Law Firms.

Proper estate planning should accomplish three goals:

  1. The member should be able to protect, manage, and enjoy their assets during their lifetime, while minimizing exposure to unnecessary taxes and liability;
  2. The member should have a plan to manage their health, and financial decisions should they find themselves in a situation where they are unable to do so; and
  3. The member should be able to ultimately distribute their property to  chosen heirs and beneficiaries in the manner they so wish.

There is a perception that estate planning is only for the rich. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, an estate plan is an integral part of ensuring that wishes are carried out should an individual become incapacitated and/or pass away. This applies to estates of all sizes, large and small, the elderly and the young. Each individual’s situation is unique; therefore it is important to get proper legal, tax, and insurance expertise.

Affinity Trusts works collaboratively with financial institutions to provide estate planning services to their members.  As Credit Unions increasingly strive to deliver a total solutions package to their members, it is important that financial advisors not only assist in the accumulation and preservation of a member’s assets, but also in the transfer of a member’s estate to his/her heirs in a timely and cost-effective manner. We strongly believe in empowering members to fully engage in the design and execution of their estate planning documents.  By providing educational seminars and providing access to qualified law firms and attorneys to consult with members about estate planning, we serve the life-planning needs of many with a high level of passion, expertise and integrity. We work with top estate practitioners to satisfy our member’s needs quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients to service their immediate needs and to protect their beneficiaries’ interests in the future.

Economists and financial analysts have estimated that aging baby boomers — the wealthiest generation in history — will hand down upwards of $30 trillion to their heirs over the next few years. This significant shift in assets from one generation to the next even has been named the Great Wealth Transfer.  It is important that Credit Unions continue to build and invest in deep-rooted relationships with aging members, as well as their millennial beneficiaries.  Most studies suggest that 80% or more of heirs will look for a new financial advisor after inheriting their parents’ wealth. We need to involve the next generation as much as possible in the estate planning process, so that relationships are strongly formed between the heirs and the financial institution.

Scope of Services

Affinity Trusts is committed to providing financial institutions with resources to educate their members about the importance of proper estate planning.  We offer free, easy-to-understand seminars, estate planning consultations with Estate Planning Representatives, and affordable estate plans drafted by qualified attorneys with reputable law firms to members.

Estate Planning Law Firms will offer members a wide range of legal services including:

▪️ Revocable Living Trusts
▪️ Wills
▪️ Durable Powers of Attorney for Asset Administration
▪️ Advanced Health Care Directives/Living Wills
▪️ HIPAA Medical Information Release
▪️ Private Foundations
▪️ Probate and Trust Litigation
▪️ Estate and Gift Tax Planning
▪️ Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
▪️ Supplemental Needs Trusts
▪️ Qualified Personal Residence Trusts
▪️ Charitable Remainder Trusts

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Please remember that this information is provided in the spirit of public education, not as legal advice. If you require legal advice for a particular situation, you should consult with an attorney.

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